Sunday, April 18, 2010

Carnality is bass-ackwards, 2Tim3:7

Ever since 2Tim2:26, where Paul hopes that the carnal will awaken from their satan-drunk stupor, he's been harping on the bad effects of not using 1John1:9.  So what better rhetorical trick can he pull, than to make the last clause of 2Tim3:7 -- run BACKWARDS?  Look at the red:

πavtote mavΘavovta kai mEδeπote eis eπiyvwσin alEΘeias elΘeiv δuvameva.
( E=eta, l=lambda.)

Is that clever, or what?  I wonder how many other verses play games like this?  Notice how translations all strip this out.  But look how easy to fix:  "always learning, but never into knowledge of the truth come to able."  Even in English, you'd get it.  Spastic function of the spiritual life absent 1John1:9, DEMONSTRATED via the words being in backwards order!


jesseakers said...

reminds me of Yoda--HA!

Truth You Shall Not Understand
Until Fear of the Lord You Shall Come To

funny cuz when I wrote truth i accidentally typed TRUST- maybe that was a Holy Spirit inspired mistake...?

brainout said...

That's adorable, jesse. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if He inspired it! Happens to me a lot, too!

Trust is due to truth, right? :)