Sunday, May 13, 2012

Temporary Reprieve on Blog change, but then what new blog site should I choose?

Well, it looks like Blogger is allowing the old interface for a bit longer. So I'll be here a bit longer.

I tried picking some other blog host, but they all were bad, especially Wordpress, which is more dysfunctional than the rest. It came with my domain ( when I paid for it, but hey -- Yahoo's PHP and other arcane files needed for Wordpress to work in my domain, are allegedly out-of-date. And I can do what about that?

UPDATE: I finally figured out how to make the update work, but once into Wordpress' menu and options, I quickly realized it's the stupidest of blog designs. Won't use it unless I have no alternative, i.e., if Blogger becomes dysfunctional.

Not giving up Yahoo, it does great webhosting for the price. Its statistics are never accurate, but that stuff isn't important (quality not quantity of readership ALONE is the proper gauge, and you only know that, by emails you get).

So if you have any suggestions as to what new bloghost I should use -- paid or free -- let me know? Thank you for your time!

As for the video status on God's Rhetorical styles, I've finished the Magnificat series, so now will get back to finishing 11 GGS on Paul's meter, picking up at Diocletian, syllable 283. The Synoptics series (proving Mark is the THIRD Gospel and Matthew first), is posted on Fridays. Still in Luke 1 and 2 by way of Haggai, proving Luke and Matthew's Chanukah wordplay.

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