Monday, July 11, 2011

Video Update on Paul's Meter in Ephesians 1:3-14

I finally figured out how to make helpful videos on the , which is still undergoing revision.  The videos help the viewer see the interactive use of the meter with the text of Ephesians 1:3-14; and, in a way you can independently vet; not only within the text itself, but also by recourse to the meter maps of the passages Paul himself 'quotes' by use of the meter.  These videos are on my Youtube channel page, .  So you can start viewing them, if inclined.  A full listing of the videos related is in the REPARSED.doc itself, on page 5;  page 6 contains the links to the meter maps for Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, and Daniel 9;  these maps are also linked within the REPARSED.doc.  That doc now has a ton of intra-doc links you can use to tool around in it.  Currently the doc runs 80 pages, but it will be longer;  I won't be finishing either it or the videos on it, for quite some time.

There's a lot of material there to vet, so of course you'd want to check with God first to see if you should spend your time this way. Took me seven years to find this 'smoking gun'.  So it won't be quickly proofed by an outsider, sorry!

Again, the value of seeing the meter is manifold, and it's objectively provable in the standard Hebrew and Greek texts we all have (no games with the pronunciation or the text):

  • Arguments about Bible DATES can be resolved;
  • Arguments about textual preservation can be solved, or better known;
  • Claims of late Isaiah, late Daniel, and other Bible-debunking arguments can be put down;
  • Confusion over interpretation is solved or closer to solution;
  • Bible's doctrine of TIME is revealed, which immeasurably aids in understanding eschatology;
  • KJVO arguments all become toast, as the meter is not translated in any Bible, but should be;
  • preterism is toast;
  • amillennialism is toast;
  • mid-Trib and post-Trib Rapture arguments are proven incorrect;
  • Bible's beauty and symmetry is provably Divine (no human can be this smart with meter, making real history conform to the PREVIOUSLY-WRITTEN 'schedule').
Of course, any criticism is welcome.  That's why I'm putting this out, anonymously and for free.  It's not right to keep this information to myself, or try to make money on it.  It's the Word of God, sitting in every hotel room.  Far more beautiful, than we already knew!

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