Saturday, March 31, 2012

Video News Update: Synoptics Gospel series and its relation to Greek Geek Stuff and Mark video series.

I've begun new Rhetorical styles video series to supplement the ongoing Greek Geek Stuff video series, which currently focus on Paul's Meter Style -- and now Mary's Magnificat, which turns out to be the rhetorical meter base Paul uses.

So a total of five related series are in Youtube:

* Greek Geek Stuff:

* 10-11 GGS, a spinoff/subset, focus on Paul's prophetical continuation of the 1500-year tradition from Psalm 90:

* Mary's Magnificat Meter, currently being posted, spinoff and subset of Greek Geek Stuff, focus on Lord Born on Chanukah:

* Synoptics, starting in Matthew 1, showing how Luke then Mark then John, 'wrap around' Matthew and prior Gospel writers, so you know WHEN each book came out:

* Mark's Gospel proves 'Q' Scholars Wrong.  The Q Gospel idea is a HOAX, which the promoters effectively admit, as you'll see in Episodes 2 and 2b of this series:

It will take me at least several years to complete these series.  So the other series which are also incomplete, like Prolife Blasphemy, will be added to ad hoc.  Sorry.

Finally, someone just sent me this crazy guy's link, wondering why people can so misread a teacher: .  The putative writer of that blog asked for 'tapers' to respond, but the blog entry allows no more comments.  Going by the comments allowed, no one who is a taper was posted.
    So here's my response:  LEARN TO READ, dummy. First of all, that pastor has now been dead since 2009, so all his stuff is available on mp3 for anyone to compare, versus the blogger and posters, who seem to be unaware that the man is dead. That tells you much about their inability or unwillingness, to BACK UP their claims with any real information. 
    Secondly, I've been under that pastor since 1979, and you can tell that under him I learned to read Hebrew and Greek, since the classes are all EXEGETICAL. You can test what I learned, in my videos. So now you know what you can learn if you too study under that pastor. My pastor didn't seem to know about Bible meter, for he never taught it. But due to what he did teach, I learned it, as the fourth 10-11 GGS video, explains. 
    So you have a choice: listen to hearsay, or listen to the teacher; listen to someone who learned UNDER that teacher, or listen to people who never listened to that teacher. For it is true that many people just idolized Thieme, so never learned what he taught. Witnessed, by the commenters in that blog entry. Pity. But it's a good microcosm example of how people can say nay nay or yay yay yet never actually HEARD what the person they bash or bless, said.
So the blog writer demonstrates bad scholarship, same as evidenced by the 'Q' proponents above, who never READ the Gospels to understand WHY and HOW you can tell WHEN each Gospel was written by the WAY in which the Gospels' RHETORICAL STYLES, interlink.

Such time-honored rhetorical styles in Bible, any true scholar would know.  Purpose of the style is interactive teaching:  to WEAVE prior information into the current book, to give the lesson and simultaneously prove the new text comes from God.  Duh. A teacher is likewise proven false or true, by whether what he says lines up with the Word.  So if you have 15,000 hours of exegesis from a pastor, and you actually LISTEN to that exegesis, you can tell if what he says is false or true.  But the blogger and his commenters, didn't listen.

So if you want to know about that teacher, don't make their mistake, LISTEN.  Same is even more true, for Bible.  Don't listen to third parties badmouthing or praising -- READ THE TEXT YOURSELF.  Then you will know from the RHETORICAL STYLE you see, that Matthew's Gospel is first, Luke second, Mark third, John fourth.


Anonymous said...

hey, .. i am impartial to matrices of time, they only work when you mix up a load of them .. like botanizing a permaculturally (wo)managed patch of ground .. and not forgetting that the former are poor substitutes for the latter by themselves, planting and activity grids are perhaps best ... but i am talking to someone who believes beauty resides in hotelroom so i shan't waste my breath any farther except to get you to owe me one by pointing at a parallel effort:
i think there's material in english plenny .. if you dig around.


no pics page?
your colour code page has hardly any??

you focus on the bible and have nothing to say about demographic incontinence, mass migration, the vibes emanating from Palestine poisoning the world?

If you do please point he thither ..

if not, criminally complicit is what i consider that.

brainout said...

To Anonymous: either you are joking, or pretending not to know English. If you would but click on the links in the blog post, you will find in the video descriptions, many links to docs and webpages backing up the video content in what are SEVEN VIDEO PLAYLISTS of about 200 videos on the topic. I only listed five here, because my readers already know about the prior two.

So after you've actually read the material, return and make any comments or objections you like. Until then, I can only assume you're joking. That's fine, joke away.