Sunday, May 13, 2012

Temporary Reprieve on Blog change, but then what new blog site should I choose?

Well, it looks like Blogger is allowing the old interface for a bit longer. So I'll be here a bit longer.

I tried picking some other blog host, but they all were bad, especially Wordpress, which is more dysfunctional than the rest. It came with my domain ( when I paid for it, but hey -- Yahoo's PHP and other arcane files needed for Wordpress to work in my domain, are allegedly out-of-date. And I can do what about that?

UPDATE: I finally figured out how to make the update work, but once into Wordpress' menu and options, I quickly realized it's the stupidest of blog designs. Won't use it unless I have no alternative, i.e., if Blogger becomes dysfunctional.

Not giving up Yahoo, it does great webhosting for the price. Its statistics are never accurate, but that stuff isn't important (quality not quantity of readership ALONE is the proper gauge, and you only know that, by emails you get).

So if you have any suggestions as to what new bloghost I should use -- paid or free -- let me know? Thank you for your time!

As for the video status on God's Rhetorical styles, I've finished the Magnificat series, so now will get back to finishing 11 GGS on Paul's meter, picking up at Diocletian, syllable 283. The Synoptics series (proving Mark is the THIRD Gospel and Matthew first), is posted on Fridays. Still in Luke 1 and 2 by way of Haggai, proving Luke and Matthew's Chanukah wordplay.

Monday, May 7, 2012

New video describing all 'my' material, and I'm leaving Blogger

Because Google Blogger is now ugly GLARING white, and nearly impossible to READ for making posts, I'll rarely post here anymore.  Will be doing most of the new stuff in Youtube as 'brainouty', with off-Youtube docs and htms in the video descriptions.

So here's a vid I just made which summarizes the import of my websites and videos.  All of them tie to the words in this video:

I will find another way to make blog entries, away from Google. Will announce the new blog in a final post here, and in Youtube. It will take me months to figure out where to go, now. Google designers are now crazy. They're destroying the readability of Youtube, and now Blogger.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Video News Update: Synoptics Gospel series and its relation to Greek Geek Stuff and Mark video series.

I've begun new Rhetorical styles video series to supplement the ongoing Greek Geek Stuff video series, which currently focus on Paul's Meter Style -- and now Mary's Magnificat, which turns out to be the rhetorical meter base Paul uses.

So a total of five related series are in Youtube:

* Greek Geek Stuff:

* 10-11 GGS, a spinoff/subset, focus on Paul's prophetical continuation of the 1500-year tradition from Psalm 90:

* Mary's Magnificat Meter, currently being posted, spinoff and subset of Greek Geek Stuff, focus on Lord Born on Chanukah:

* Synoptics, starting in Matthew 1, showing how Luke then Mark then John, 'wrap around' Matthew and prior Gospel writers, so you know WHEN each book came out:

* Mark's Gospel proves 'Q' Scholars Wrong.  The Q Gospel idea is a HOAX, which the promoters effectively admit, as you'll see in Episodes 2 and 2b of this series:

It will take me at least several years to complete these series.  So the other series which are also incomplete, like Prolife Blasphemy, will be added to ad hoc.  Sorry.

Finally, someone just sent me this crazy guy's link, wondering why people can so misread a teacher: .  The putative writer of that blog asked for 'tapers' to respond, but the blog entry allows no more comments.  Going by the comments allowed, no one who is a taper was posted.
    So here's my response:  LEARN TO READ, dummy. First of all, that pastor has now been dead since 2009, so all his stuff is available on mp3 for anyone to compare, versus the blogger and posters, who seem to be unaware that the man is dead. That tells you much about their inability or unwillingness, to BACK UP their claims with any real information. 
    Secondly, I've been under that pastor since 1979, and you can tell that under him I learned to read Hebrew and Greek, since the classes are all EXEGETICAL. You can test what I learned, in my videos. So now you know what you can learn if you too study under that pastor. My pastor didn't seem to know about Bible meter, for he never taught it. But due to what he did teach, I learned it, as the fourth 10-11 GGS video, explains. 
    So you have a choice: listen to hearsay, or listen to the teacher; listen to someone who learned UNDER that teacher, or listen to people who never listened to that teacher. For it is true that many people just idolized Thieme, so never learned what he taught. Witnessed, by the commenters in that blog entry. Pity. But it's a good microcosm example of how people can say nay nay or yay yay yet never actually HEARD what the person they bash or bless, said.
So the blog writer demonstrates bad scholarship, same as evidenced by the 'Q' proponents above, who never READ the Gospels to understand WHY and HOW you can tell WHEN each Gospel was written by the WAY in which the Gospels' RHETORICAL STYLES, interlink.

Such time-honored rhetorical styles in Bible, any true scholar would know.  Purpose of the style is interactive teaching:  to WEAVE prior information into the current book, to give the lesson and simultaneously prove the new text comes from God.  Duh. A teacher is likewise proven false or true, by whether what he says lines up with the Word.  So if you have 15,000 hours of exegesis from a pastor, and you actually LISTEN to that exegesis, you can tell if what he says is false or true.  But the blogger and his commenters, didn't listen.

So if you want to know about that teacher, don't make their mistake, LISTEN.  Same is even more true, for Bible.  Don't listen to third parties badmouthing or praising -- READ THE TEXT YOURSELF.  Then you will know from the RHETORICAL STYLE you see, that Matthew's Gospel is first, Luke second, Mark third, John fourth.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Video Update on Paul's Meter in Ephesians 1:3-14

I finally figured out how to make helpful videos on the , which is still undergoing revision.  The videos help the viewer see the interactive use of the meter with the text of Ephesians 1:3-14; and, in a way you can independently vet; not only within the text itself, but also by recourse to the meter maps of the passages Paul himself 'quotes' by use of the meter.  These videos are on my Youtube channel page, .  So you can start viewing them, if inclined.  A full listing of the videos related is in the REPARSED.doc itself, on page 5;  page 6 contains the links to the meter maps for Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, and Daniel 9;  these maps are also linked within the REPARSED.doc.  That doc now has a ton of intra-doc links you can use to tool around in it.  Currently the doc runs 80 pages, but it will be longer;  I won't be finishing either it or the videos on it, for quite some time.

There's a lot of material there to vet, so of course you'd want to check with God first to see if you should spend your time this way. Took me seven years to find this 'smoking gun'.  So it won't be quickly proofed by an outsider, sorry!

Again, the value of seeing the meter is manifold, and it's objectively provable in the standard Hebrew and Greek texts we all have (no games with the pronunciation or the text):

  • Arguments about Bible DATES can be resolved;
  • Arguments about textual preservation can be solved, or better known;
  • Claims of late Isaiah, late Daniel, and other Bible-debunking arguments can be put down;
  • Confusion over interpretation is solved or closer to solution;
  • Bible's doctrine of TIME is revealed, which immeasurably aids in understanding eschatology;
  • KJVO arguments all become toast, as the meter is not translated in any Bible, but should be;
  • preterism is toast;
  • amillennialism is toast;
  • mid-Trib and post-Trib Rapture arguments are proven incorrect;
  • Bible's beauty and symmetry is provably Divine (no human can be this smart with meter, making real history conform to the PREVIOUSLY-WRITTEN 'schedule').
Of course, any criticism is welcome.  That's why I'm putting this out, anonymously and for free.  It's not right to keep this information to myself, or try to make money on it.  It's the Word of God, sitting in every hotel room.  Far more beautiful, than we already knew!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paul uses Ephesians 1:3-14's Meter to Predict Church History

Okay, I finally understand how Paul organized his meter, and how he tagged Daniel, Isaiah, and Moses to tell the Story of Church Time.  Here's the link: .  It's still in draft, but it has enough information now so you can compare any NT or OT passage you want, to vet the meter style.  In that document you'll also find links to all the related material.  The document itself has many navigation links so you can read it in Word and tool around the pages easily.  Don't print it out, as I will keep on revising it.

Paul uses an Anno Domini accounting which equates to within 2 or 3 years of our own 'typical' AD dates.  The accumulated syllables stand for years post-Christ's Birth;  so, if you see syllable 238, for example, look up that year.  The resemblance to real history will be uncanny, once you realize the meanings of the meter.  I'm still in a state of shock.

Once you see the pattern, you can do some sleuthing of your own.  This has to be a major rhetorical style.

The meter is really important.  It is objectively testable, it will provide jobs, prove Bible dates, enormously aid textual criticism, change hermeneutics, resolve a lot of denominational squabbling, kill the stupid KJVO movement, preterism, Replacement Theology, etc.  And for centuries it's been sitting under our noses, in our TRUSTWORTHY Bible!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bible Hebrew ACCOUNTING Meter Shows How God Orchestrates Time

To get the Word doc copy of this post, , click here. Latest video on the Noahic relevance (posted late today), is here: . Prior to that, I'd done Noahic videos under the rubric, "Pass the Salt", in Youtube. 

Text below this line is the blog entry which the above Word doc, repeats.

This entry is a long time in coming.  It's about how God uses Bible Hebrew Meter as a rhetorical style.  I've been documenting that style for almost three years, now, in Youtube and in some webpages (links follow passim, below).  The documentation has been spontaneous, a kind of journaling, as I learned more and more about this rhetorical style of using numbers as mnemonics, for the orally-memorizing-Torah Jews of the OT.  I'm still finding out the rules, too.  So the documentation, is far from finished.

This blog entry thus aims to introduce what I've learned about Bible Hebrew Meter, in case you also wish to pursue the topic.  I submit you don't need 'brainout' to find the same information; but it might speed your independent research time, if you first become acquainted with what I was caused to learn.  You decide.

The concept: the Jews were operating on a TIMED PROMISE of Messiah's Arrival.  That was eschatology for them, and to communicate it, God employs many verses as promises and threats, about that future.  Not only are the verses explicitly about that future, but many of them are METERED to show HOW MUCH TIME would be spent toward that ultimate goal.

Psalm 90 is thus metered to show this, starting with eternity past Promise of THE (only one) Day of A Thousand Years, a Promise to Messiah, and hence to the Jews.  Messiah, being a son of David, promised to David, in 2Sam7.  David got that promise because Israel rejected God as King, preferring a human king, the first of which was Saul.  He would have inherited the promise of sons (1Sam 16:1, in context of the prior chapter).  So initially, Saul was grafted in, and Israel through him.  But he rejected God, so David was grafted in, and now Israel, through David.

Moses foresaw all that, metering Psalm 90 accordingly.  Psalm 90 is metered on two tracks:  one, quasi-historical and prophetical, starting with the Promise just mentioned, verses 1-4.  Verses 5-8, cover the Adamic period, first 1050 years.  Verses 9-11 cover the Noahic period, the second 1050 years, at the end of which comes Abraham.  So the third 1050 is to build Israel, and can be called the Mosaic period, since Israel was grafted in through Moses (i.e., Numbers 14, and the Levite inheritance grafting of Kohath); so Moses records his own vote, verses 12-15.  Prophetic, are verses 16-17.

Thus we see the metering pattern and the Construct of Time:  490 + 70 + 490 =1050 =1000 + 50.

Verses 1-4,     84 syllables = 1050 +14 years in reserve.
Verses 5-8,     70 syllables = 1050 years, Adamic.
Verses 9-11,   70 syllables = 1050 years, Noahic.
Verses 12-15, 70 syllables = 1050 years, Mosaic.
Verses 16-17, only 56 syllables, as Israel will be in breach then (467-397BC); and the 14-year shortfall is a warning about voting.

Thus you read verse content in light of the historical-prophetical period referenced by the meter.

So let's notice the style:

A.  This is an ACCOUNTING meter of one syllable equals one year.
B.  The syllables convey a BLESSING PROMISE, so are patterned to be divisible by SEVEN in aggregate.  So Moses is accounting sabbatically, not in 50's. (Judaism mistakes Psalm 90's 350 syllables as divisible by 50's.)
C.  So the syllables are used as a CHRONOLOGY, which you measure to proof the CONTENT of what you remember.  The content and the meter meaning, tie.
D.  The first such divisible-by-seven 'paragraph', is a DATELINE.  Sometimes the second 'paragraph' is used that way, too.

Many other Bible passages 'follow' the meter Moses uses.  To demonstrate this pattern as a rhetorical style, then, I'm currently compiling a charted comparison of four such passages:  Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9:4-26, and (surprisingly) Ephesians 1:3-14.  Link to that ongoing comparison (still in draft as of this writing), is here: Psalm 90's meter can be proven as a definite rhetorical style in Bible.  Once you see the pattern (i.e., A-D above), you should be able to choose any prophetic OT passage in Hebrew and see it occur.

The second time track in Psalm 90, is consecutive, 350 syllables=years from the time Moses writes, in 1400BC -- the 'gap' time between entry into the Land, and the appointment of human kings (beginning with Saul).  The book of Judges thus is designed to show how Psalm 90's consecutive track, was fulfilled.  Here, the writer of Judges 'tags' certain syllable counts in Psalm 90 to indicate what historical events 'belong' to the content there:





Psalm 90 tally

post-Moses, Joshua and that generation

Judges 3:8
oppression under Cushan-rishathaim and Othniel


means 40 years en toto passed after Joshua & that generation

oppression under Eglon of Moab and Ehud

Verse means 80 more years passed, en toto

Deborah and oppression by Jabin king of Canaan

Verse means 40 more years passed, en toto
tallies to Ps90:10 at end
oppression by Midian

Gideon, +peace, +Abimelech=40 more years pass en toto



might tally to Ps90:15, rounding
Oppression under the Ammonites

Jepthah: included in the 18, years 295-301

Ibzan: included in the 18

Elon (maybe overlaps with Samuel)

Abdon (overlaps with Samuel)

13:01, 15:20, 16:31
Samson (overlaps with Samuel)
End of Psalm 90

So on Time Track 2, Moses 'stops' at the point where God will be rejected, and human kings, introduced.  On Time Track 1, Moses 'stops' at the THIRD 1050, for it might not complete.

o     Isaiah 53's Accounting Meter picks up where Moses left off, as Isaiah's metrical theme is First David to Last David.  So Isaiah shows how the FOURTH 1050 will complete, as a PROMISE.  Like Moses, Isaiah follows the convention of one syllable per year, and deliberately leaves out certain famous year-counts, in ellipsis.  The day I learned this, I made a 44-minute video about it, which you can watch here: .  (Since 2008,  I've learned more about how Isaiah crafted his meter, but the initial finding in that video, is still true.)

o     Daniel 9 picks up in the same place as Isaiah 53, but at a different point in David's life, yet also ties back to Psalm 90.  Daniel then tracks the kings both explicitly in his text, and metrically (one syllable per year) in their HISTORY, to prove what time God had Isaiah meter, actually came to pass. 

That's the basis for Daniel's petition, which invokes God's promise in the (then yet-to-occur) TEXT of Isaiah 53.  From there, Daniel crafts his meter showing the justification for completing that Promise.  Then God responds, also in meter, in Daniel 9:25-26, which explictly list some of the factors Daniel used -- to 'tag' where God 'answers' Daniel.  Just as, Daniel had tagged Isaiah, who tagged Moses' Psalm 90.

In English, this is our first 'hint' of the meter, but we don't recognize it as anything but an out-from-nowhere Promise of Time.  And then, we argue over what that promise means.  We would know what it means, if we noticed the meter.

o     Then Paul in Eph1:3-14, picks up where GOD stopped, in Daniel 9:26c -- the 62nd 'seven', showing how we are still IN that Time Bubble, Paul metering his Greek words to a Hebrew meter, totalling 434 syllables=62 weeks.  Paul's divisible-by-seven submeters also tie back to particular points in Isaiah 53 and Psalm 90, just as Daniel had done.

So as you can see, this is a deliberate rhetorical style, since Bible writers 'talk back' to other passages using METER.  So there's a lot more to study and document.  That's what I'm doing now, and it will take at least several more years, just to show the STYLE of these passages. 

I've also just learned via the Camping fiasco, that Psalm 90's metrical paragraphs tie to the days' benchmarks in Genesis 7-8;  and also, are based on the meter in Genesis 49,  Jacob's tribal prophecy of Israel's future.  So I must check those prior passages, to see if maybe I've misaccounted something, heh.  Always Account Back To Source.  I didn't know the source of Psalm 90's meter was in a prior Bible passage (though I suspected it related to Genesis 7-8, since Moses datelines Psalm 90 as the beginning of year 1051 from the Flood).  So now I've got to re-examine everything.  Heh: never stand pat on your interpretations. :)

Again, will be the central document where I do this re-examination.  Pay close attention to the first three pages and especially to the 'E' footnote, which goes through Daniel's metering ties to HISTORY, Isaiah 53 and Psalm 90, in excruciating detail.

Will be making more videos to show it and Paul's usage, too.  It will be a long time before I finish (smile here).

Thus far in Youtube, I've done four (yet-unfinished) video playlists to illustrate this rhetorical metering style, and explain it. is the central webpage on the TIME value of the meter; it has all the relevant video playlists at page-end.  You can click on the 'Youtube' watermark in any of those playlists, to read the video description in Youtube.  Those video descriptions have many important links for related documents, parsed Bible passages etc.

God's Metering style is extremely deft, so it takes time to show, heh.  I apologize in advance for the lengthy videos.  If you can think of a better way to explain the material, I would urge you to do it yourself.  This rhetorical style is very important.  It will revolutionize the way we test, understand, validate both Scripture itself (i.e., meter testing validates  the original words) -- and, the way we validate Scripture interpretation.

UPSHOT: Everyone's hermeneutics prove partly right AND wrong, once you see this rhetorical style.  All Replacement Theology, theonomy, preterism is proven wrong.  Yet Dispensationalism is at least partly proven wrong too, for God doesn't use use lunar years;  hence Jews and Christian Dispies misaccount Daniel 9.  So the Jews are partly vindicated and partly upbraided too.  We're all in this, together. :)

Whoa.  What a lot of jobs can be created if we just re-learn what's been in the Bible, all this time.  So we all need to go back to the drawing board, and revisit our ideas of what God says; we must pool our resources, and stop fighting our little, petty denominational turf wars.  End Commercial Message. :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

KJVO Skulduggery pwned by YHWH, aka Ho Own, in Revelation 16:5!

For those of you watching the denouement of the Youtube KJV-only people who stalk, make sock accounts and baseless accusations against other Bible translations -- even though no KJVO can read the original-language texts! -- this blog entry will be a treat.

The latest as-the-KJVO-stomach-turns chapter, is this:  labarum312 (click here for his channel) started a contra-KJVOnlyism group on Youtube. In large measure, he seeks to defend the KJV as a Bible; but to divest it of the patently false claim by KJVO, that its translation is perfect.  For we have 400 years of MIStranslation evidence.  So insecure baby believers who imagine it perfect, but find out it's not in any five-minute Google search -- how to protect them from disillusion, hating God, all Bibles, Christianity, etc?  You know:  seeing the feet of clay.  The evil KJVO never think about the ramifications of their vile actions:  Romans 2!  Do you steal?  Yeah, they steal innocents, spiritual pederasty!

Their modus operandi is slick. They specialize in using buzzwords, demagoguery, and misquote or misuse scholarly texts they themselves cannot read, hoping that those reading their 'smart' sounding statements and quotes, won't actually CHECK what they say.  Of course, you can expose them in five seconds by just asking them to translate some Bible portion in Hebrew or Greek (don't tell them what verse section you're using).  Or, if you can bring up the errors in their misquoting.  But the young, don't know how to do all that.  The young, are attracted -- because the young know they are ignorant, and seek assurance.

This is exactly what pederasts do, make themselves attractive or seem protecting, to the young.  In order to snare them.  The innocent are ignorant, so don't check what the KJVO say, are impressed by the big words and quoting, and so take that 'candy'.. and thus become, infected.  KJVO commit a serious crime, by means of which the Gospel and all Bibles are trashed.  I made two videos to demonstrate that problem: click here for the Epitaph video, or click here for the KJVO trash video. Serious stuff.

KJVO Crime Background: as you probably know,
  • KJVO have started riots in prisons and other places around the world, encouraging people to burn, throw in the toilet and otherwise trash, all non-KJV Bibles.  And they call their activity, holy.  
  • Young people are told that you can't be saved unless you believe that the KJV is infallible;  
  • that you can't be saved unless you read the KJV;  
  • and worst of all, that God couldn't get the Bible right until suddenly and magically, in 1611.

    Consequently, I made a playlist showing some KJV mistranslations, and how the leaders of KJVO, pretend proficiency yet can't read the original languages. For that playlist (which includes the videos linked above), click here.

All this calumny, of course, with nary an ounce of proof inside or outside of Scripture.  KJVO are attempting to murder the Bible, frankly.  So of course all translators, lexicographers, and compilers of past mss -- especially those from the mid-1800s forward -- must likewise be trashed.  There is no lie too low for the KJVO people to tell.  There is no misuse of text and lexical material their consciousless minds will avoid.
  • So of course, if a scholar once made a comment that he had read a book on evolution but didn't believe in it, the LATTER clause will be omitted, and he will be called an evil evolutionist, in the yellow 'scholarship' of the KJVO.  
  • He will be called gay, occultist, you-name-it lie based on no or violently twisted evidence.
  • Like claiming Huckleberry Hound's blue fur, was the 'sign' of a communist labor conspiracy foisted on us innocent, TV-watching babes of the 1960's. :)
So labarum312 has been making a number of videos demonstrating the fallacy of KJVOnlyism. So of course the perennially-incompetent KJVO, must attack him.

One such recent attack against labarum: click here for KJV Today .  That website allows no contact except from members.  So I was unable to notify the author of my reply in this blog post, as good manners require. The KJVO Today article responded to labarum's first video on the article, here:

Now God makes beauty from every nasty event.  Witness how the unwarranted KJVO attack, forms the backdrop to a fascinating exegetical study:  John's use of Greek soundplay upon the Most Famous Name in the Bible, the Sacred Name.  For nominally, the KJVO seek to defend Textus Receptus in Revelation 16:5, which (inter alia) adds the word 'kurie' (=Oh Lord, vocative).  Other mss lack that word.  So of course the KJVO people declaim that any translation omitting the word is satanic. Yet they don't notice Revelation 16:5's TR has a blasphemous participle inserted! Which you'd know, if you could read the Greek!  For if you could read, you'd know how John uses Greek SOUNDPLAY on the Sacred Name.  Ooops!

Hmmm.  Let's see how John uses his text, shall we? To start with, we must go back to Exodus 3:14, which is the first time the Sacred Tetragrammaton is used, when God the Son defines His Official Name as the God of Israel, YHWH.  In the LXX version of that verse -- which KJVO all deny, since they can't tell LXX is 3rd-century BC Greek -- the Jews translated YHWH as 'ho own'.  Meaning is the same as in Hebrew:  "The One Who Is and Keeps On Being", or in simpler English, "The Being".  You should find this meaning in just about any lexicon (i.e., Thayer's) you choose to search.

Now Greek is like any other language, in that it employs wordplay and soundplay.  So notice how in Greek, John has a penchant for repeating the SOUND "ho own" in verses which stress Christ's Divinity:   Jn. 1:18; 3:13, 31; 6:46; 8:47; 12:17; 18:37; [see also Rom. 9:5; 2 Co. 11:31 where Paul does the same thing]; Rev. 1:4, 8; 4:8; 5:5; 11:17; 16:5.  The Greek search here is on all the major text families, not merely the TR.  So you should find "ho own" text in whatever mss you're using.

Now, in Exodus 3:14, the two tenses are concatenated from two verbs, hayah and hawah, to create YHWH.  I did a video showing how, click here.

Point is, there are only two tenses in Hebrew, perfect and imperfect. The qal imperfect doubles as a future tense;  the perfect means completed (or seen as completed) action; the imperfect means action NOT ended (and/or not yet begun). Well, God never ends. So the two qals handily depict God's Never Ending Nature. You wouldn't need to say 'God will be', since He always WAS. Never changing. So when NT authors write of God's Nature, they use Greek imperfect as a qal imperfect, i.e., John 1:1's eta+nu, forming the imperfect of eimi: it's a Hebraism.

So, ho own (omega+nu), the very term used to translate YHWH in Exodus 3:14's LXX, is the articular present participle of eimi, probably dramatic or perfective use of the Greek present tense.  So, in Revelation 16:5, you're not surprised to find ho own in the dramatic moment when the vials are poured out, soon to end the Tribulation.  So, you're not surprised to find Revelation 16:5's full play on Exo 3:14's YHWH, is reflected by ho own kai ho en.  He Who Is, Always Was.  Christ.  God.  God-Man forever.  Same Yesterday Today and Forever.  No 'will be', as He's already Resurrected by Rev 16, capisce?

So why is esomenos in the TR text?  Yikes!  Red Flag Alert!

More:  if John invokes the highest Divine Name for Christ via soundplay -- signature laconic finesse, heightening Rev drama -- would John next dilute it, with the lower 'kurie'?  No: he'd not add 'kurie', since YHWH is already sound-embedded, TWICE.  Just as in the other Johannine dramatic writing, embedding the sound.

But a medieval scribe might add the whole kai ho esomenos clause. 
After all, monks said 'kyrie' in Mass, too.  Aha.
For it became fashionable to use all three tenses 
to stress God's Never-Ending Nature, and so remains, today.   
Yeah, they didn't have Bible search engines to test Johannine usage,
back when you were lucky to have teeth by age 30.

For in Greek, sentences are normally long.  Hence to make good drama, you economize as much as possible, since writing good drama, would make you rich.  So, you suddenly
  • shorten words,
  • play on sounds,
  • double the utility of words by deft placement (Romans 8:28's heroic accusative ton theon),
  • switch from verbs to pithy nouns and participles, 
  • omit definite articles, prepositions, titles, anything remotely redundant;
  • leave verbs, nouns, even whole ideas in ellipsis, whenever possible.  
  • The shorter the phrase/sentence, the better.
  • And Greek finesse -- a specialty of all NT writers, especially Luke, Paul, John -- requires one omit much, to create pause.  The reader thinks over what was said, omitted.  And then he smiles.
  • That's the story, here in Rev 16:5.  John would never wreck dramatic cadence in Revelation 16:5, by inserting 'kurie'.  The embedded and FAR GREATER 'ho own kai ho en', resonates.  Say the whole phrase aloud, see the cadence (phonetically spelled, here):  "ho own kai ho ayn, h'OHsee-ahss" -- see the 8-syllable rhythm?  Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 use 8's often to signify God's Plan, as my videos on both chapters, show (click here to view them). 
    Of course, if you ellide, you'd get 7's, which is the underpinning meter for both chapters, as well as for Hebrews 11:1 in Greek (three 7's), since that too is a common OT Hebrew cadence (which ported over into NT Greek, i.e., Matthew 1 playing on the first 42 syllables of Isaiah 53, and Luke 3 playing off its first 77 syllables).
    You could also make a case for 'ho own kai ho ayn kai h'OHsee-ahass' (in Stephanus) as a Trinity niner. Then, one could easily argue an ascensive use of kai ('even') as the dramatic cadence. Niners are used a lot in Isaiah 53, so the usage ties to the doctrinal meaning of Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter. Deftly.
    [Relevant pan-Bible hosios usage notes: kai hosios (no fronting ho) Deut 32:4, ton hosion referring to Christ, Psalm 15:10 in LXX, 16:10 in English. See also Acts 2:27, 13:35. But Acts 13:34 ties also in a different way, and quotes Isa 55:3. Next, kai hosios but used as an adjective, Ps 144:13 (145:13 in English). Same usage in verse 17. Non-canonical, but serves to show as language usage, kai hosios kurios, Odes 2:4. Also non-canon, but interesting use of language: dikaios kai hosios ho kurios hemwn, Psalms of Solomon, 10:5.  Heb 7:26 uses hosios as an adjective (obviously as a Hebraism).]
    In other words, there's an objective basis for evaluating cadence and alliteration.  It's helpful for determining textual accuracy.  Remember:  ancient people memorized huge amounts of material orally, as one couldn't travel well with the expensive, heavy, and time-consuming Writings. So "ho own kai ho en" says GOD ALWAYS BEING far more elegantly than 'kurie'.  'Kurie' is what we call Him.  But that's less than what He IS, get it?  Are you smiling yet?
Now, in English you can't translate what's omitted for dramatic effect.  By leaving out 'kurie', His GODNESS is stressed as far as language can go!  So Riplinger's claim that 'new age' Bibles omitting kurie are evil, just proved she knows NOTHING about Bible Greek!  KJVO Incompetence on parade!  So KJVO miss all this deft Johannine wit, since they can't read Bible Greek, but instead trot out 'scholars' who know nothing;  mindlessly quote, prove they don't even know how their citations, prove them wrong.

Again, just click here to read the KJV Today article. Its incompetence, loudly speaks.  In particular, Greek esomenos which the KJV writer tries to justify via weird back-formation guesses, is grammatically, stylistically, doctrinally, and contextually wrong.  In other words, the KJV Today writer tries to justify a word which CANNOT belong to the Bible, even if his was the only Revelation ms extant.  Thus proving, he too can't read the Greek.

Why is esomenos blasphemous?  Let's think:  if the Lord is IN HEAVEN when the angels praise Him (yep, He is), then um.. why would the angels need to say "Who WILL be"?  For esomenos means CHRIST CHANGES, post-Cross? Oh, is Christ not God? Or, does His Humanity again die and rise a 2nd time?! Per the KJV text here, yes! Hmmm. Obviously something is amiss. Okay, where ELSE in Bible, does esomenos, occur?

Whooops. The participle is only in the LXX of Job 15:14.  Which means, no NT writer or OT writer ever used it as part of a praise to God. Payback: KJVO contend LXX is an invention of Origen, so wouldn't SEARCH for it there; and obviously they didn't search in Bible for any precedenting entries, either!  Ooops, KJV Today writer flunks First Rule of Hermeneutics: examine how a word is used pan-Bible!  See:  KJVO practices yellow 'scholarship'.  Pwned, by the very verse they claim perfect. Ouch!

Now I just did a routine, brief text-crit analysis used by scholars worldwide, to establish from the internal writing style, whether words in a text were originally penned by the author of it.  We just saw how some of the words in Revelation 16:5, don't fit grammatically, doctrinally, or stylistically with the text, given what else we have from John and Bible.

Here's labarum's 2-part video form-criticism response to KJV Today on Rev16:5, which addresses such form-crit issues as mss outstanding, form of preservation (i.e., media and copying style), etc.:

Part 1:

Part 2:

So as labarum explained, KJVO forensic methodology is opportunistic, inconsistent, inapt.  His conclusion is independently seconded by a respected Byzantine-text supporter, Maurice Robinson (click here).  (On Wednesday 8/11/2010, the conclusion the interview with Dr. Robinson will be posted at (click here).

Today 8/10/2010, labarum made his own text-crit video, quickly showing how Beza's conjecture with esomenos, could have been easily recognized and admitted.

So to me, the torturous manipulation of the KJV Today article, shows either unwillingness or inability, to READ the text.

How sad, as most KJVO believe Christ is God. Notice they must keep looking at the MSS, to defend TR as basis for the KJV; yet no lightbulbs go on, ABOUT the MSS as they read it.   So what spirit is in their analysis?  Not God's!  Makes you want to slump in sackcloth and ashes...

Dia touto, KJVO miss out on John's deft Sacred-Name rhetoric, via soundplay on YHWH in the LXX. For all KJVO need LXX origin to be Origen, not the Jews!  Anti-semites!  Pwned, by the Lord of Jews and Gentiles, in every verse they use!

Okay, that was depressing. So let's end with a bit of humor...

 The original 'land shark' skit from Saturday Night Live is transcripted, click here.  Or watch it: click here.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Change in Comment Policy

I've now put the comments on 'automatic', so you can see your comment when you post it.  I had the comments on 'moderation' before, but that didn't stop the spam bots.  So now you can comment, then you'll be asked for 'word verification' (you know, that funny wavy print which no spambot can read), and almost as soon as you provide the verification, you'll see your own comment, posted.  Or at least, you should.

Let me know if you have problems with it.  THANKS!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Exo 3:15, YHWH translated by John 8:58

YHWH 'decoded' is a recent video I did on this topic.  It's so clever how God comes up with the name in Exo 3:15, and how Christ TRANSLATED it by word order, at the end of John 8:58:

yeveσΘai eyw eimi
Is that clever, or what?  He's RIGHT in the MIDDLE. And do you notice, that since in Hebrew it's right to left, that would 'spell' YHWH (hayah then hawah), as eimi ego genesthai :)

Carnality is bass-ackwards, 2Tim3:7

Ever since 2Tim2:26, where Paul hopes that the carnal will awaken from their satan-drunk stupor, he's been harping on the bad effects of not using 1John1:9.  So what better rhetorical trick can he pull, than to make the last clause of 2Tim3:7 -- run BACKWARDS?  Look at the red:

πavtote mavΘavovta kai mEδeπote eis eπiyvwσin alEΘeias elΘeiv δuvameva.
( E=eta, l=lambda.)

Is that clever, or what?  I wonder how many other verses play games like this?  Notice how translations all strip this out.  But look how easy to fix:  "always learning, but never into knowledge of the truth come to able."  Even in English, you'd get it.  Spastic function of the spiritual life absent 1John1:9, DEMONSTRATED via the words being in backwards order!

First new Blog Post: Gabriel's wit in Daniel 11

This blog will exclusively focus on Hebrew and Greek rhetorical styles in the Bible.  And this is its first post.  Posts will be random, usually on specific verses, and usually about God's Witty way of using rhetoric to communicate a TON of doctrine everyone misses.

You wouldn't expect to find wit in a chapter of future history revealing one horrific disaster after the next, would you?  But that's just what Gabriel uses.  In fact, what makes Daniel 11 hard to understand in English, is the fact that the Hebrew uses a TON of wordplay and soundplay, with many deliberate double-entendres.  So it's not a vagueness, but a MULTI-FACETED method of saying many things at once.

Example:  11:26 talks about those who have a share in KON's food, breaking him up.  Yeah, and when you know what's meant (the siege of Alexandria and its aftermath), the 'vague' wording is multi-faceted wit!  For look:
  • Antiochus IV first ran down to Pelusium, defeated Ptol. VI Philopater there, verse 22.  
  • Then A IV baby claims he's the PROTECTOR of the young king, and 
  • uses that as an excuse to invade Alexandria, but 
  • takes the long way around, going south to Memphis (to avoid the marshes), then 
  • up the backway to Alexandria, which he then besieges by starving them nearly to death.
  • The plucky Alexandrians manage to stop this guy simply by keeping their sea supply open, 
  • by having good fortifications (A IV couldn't breach the walls), and most of all,
  • by finally cooperating with each other rather than fighting over who is Pharaoh.
  • So now A IV is the 'provider' of the food -- get it?  Which of course, he's withholding!
  • So now those dependent on him will soon call on Rome for help, which ends up causing A IV to retreat!
See, it's WITTY.  Just as it was back in 11:18, where A III's insult (to God, really) is turned back on his head alone!  Check out the wordplay there!

Gabriel wryly links future human history to the Angelic Conflict, playing on his own 'strengthening' in lone partnership with Michael (at God's Order): trace Hebrew word 'hazaq' beginning at 10:21, where the Chapter really begins.  Notice how it threads through the Chapter.  Not to be missed, is 10:20's birthing play between yatsa and bo. What goes around, comes around. :)

Also notice these delightful bits: 
  • 11:6's (KJV) 'agreement' is  meyshariym -- aha, meyshariym with Mitsrayim!  Upright?  Or right up to disaster?  Woe to those who go down to Egypt, right? :)
  • Of course, in the same verse you've got the concept play with sound, zeroa (arm) versus zera (seed), which the parties contract to have, to avoid using arms.  And legs.  And head.  Doesn't quite work out as intended, they lose ALL their parts -- at verse end.  Exit, stage left.  Cursed is the man who puts his trust in man, who makes the flesh his ha'arm in ha'eretz..
  • 11:10, my favorite -- Gabriel was obviously enamored of the same soundplay on "PassOver" aka abaru (ayin beth resh) aka "Hebrew" as Daniel, in his prayer (9:11).   
  • Clever way to stress WHOSE LAND is being passed over for transgression: the PassOver People, Who Passed Over Yam Suph just after that first Passover, flowing over to the Land overflowing with Milk And Honey with 400 years' of back money... k'nora'ot niph'leiti, niph'laiym MaseyKA!